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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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previous plots. maureen: this is ignited a debate over if the u.s. should except refugees from syria. the house overwhelmingly accepted -- it requires the administration approve that all refugees are being screened before being allowed into the u.s. as scott thuman tells us, the biggest concern now may not be refugees but tourists. reporter: with widespread worry over just to is entering the u.s. refugees from syria and iraq may soon hit a capitol hill stumbling block. despite this from president obama. pose a morehey significant threat and all the tourists are here every single day. it does not jive with reality. reporter: she is talking about
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the visa waiver program, a system that shuttles about 20 38,ion tourists a year from mostly european approved countries. >> are you going to do anything and you say no and that is it. reporter: that is what some are trying to change. >> we he bringing people into this country and not knowing anything about them. we are going to be attacked again. reporter: they want to heighten the program with more thorough background screenings that can prevent scenarios they say, if someone who eventuate jihadist can't for example, can't into the u.s. with ease. refugees are often investigated for more than a year, undergoing leading interviews -- lengthy interviews. >> concentrating on the refugee problem is like a bright shiny object it is the least of our worries. reporter: most of the people
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from the 38 countries part of the visa waiver program into the u.s. with basically no problem at all. it is the rest of the world that the state department says they can prove they are very stringent. last year they processed about 8 million applications, telling us they denied roughly 20% of those. scott thuman, abc 7 news. leon: evidence today of the heightened alert status in and around the district. the 14th street bridge shut down for an hour because of a suspicious package. it was not hazardous. the bridge was back open by about 1:30. metro transit police say they're getting for-five times more call for suspicious activity than anyone a typical day. the the a's says they are monitoring all threats from both inside and outside the country. -- the fbi says they are monitoring all threats. >> we have not been able to fully assess them but we don't
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know of anything at. we share all the information with our partners. leon: d.c. mayor muriel bowser says continue -- she greeted to meet graders from ohio on a class trip. some have canceled their trips because of security concerns. a warning about something that is going to appear tomorrow but is not a dangerous situation. police and emergency responders will have a security drill tomorrow at george washington university engineering hall. you're likely to see a lot of emergency vehicles out there but everything is ok. maureen: the dry alkyl the effort wednesday across the area. doug hill has the latest on the rain and the changes on the way. doug: it's pretty much taken all day to get rid of the clouds and rain. skies are clearing and we are partly cloudy. check out the numbers around the area. 63 degrees in chevy chase. they'll city at 64 degrees --
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dale city at 64 degrees. the clearing continues in will be a big breezy and cool by the morning. still ons the rain, the eastern shore of maryland and delaware. behind it, high pressure will deliver cooler and drier air tomorrow. what about the weekend towards thanks giving? we have an updated 70 outlook for you in a few minutes. leon: we are hearing from the new general manager of metro. the big question is how to turn around the system facing declining ridership and safety concerns. brianne carter is covering metro for us. reporter: we understand the just hours after being appointed the new general manager, he is having a meeting with the metro transit police chief. getting the latest on security here within the system. getting familiar with the system as well. he says he took the silver line last week it would be any plans
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and using the red line every day to get to work. he says he understands the growing frustration. >> we are unanimous in our support of our new ceo. welcome to metro. [applause] reporter: he takes over as metro's new general manager during a tumultuous time. infrastructure is failing, ridership and reliability are down. >> i can't undo what has been done but it will start to move in different directions and that is what i can do. reporter: he signed a four-year contract with an annual salary of nearly $400,000 and $4000 a month for temporary housing. you set the start november 30. the former head of bwi says safety and security are top of mind. >> we should not have to think about safety. that should be a given. reporter: the maryland native says he will be hiring the safety officers and get track certification to get a closer look at the issues with the rails. he plans to visit the maker of the new 7000 series railcars to
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get answers about the delayed rollout. >> i will be with meekly -- weekly meetings with all reliability issues. what are we doing to correct it. reporter: he says they have to fix their finances but that will not include a fare hike. for don't because the time asking people for more money. he says he can get creative and has creative ideas and talking about finances to generate more revenue. he says he is already met with who know currently has oversight when it comes to safety on metro. brianne carter, abc 7 news. 6:00,n: still ahead at the series problem in our area exposed effort former navy's death.
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a community comes together to fight plans to close a big part of one local hospital. lights is the move makes no sense.
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maureen: there has been a reversal of it immigration trend. more mexicans are leaving the u.s. been entering it. that's according to a study.
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it found a desire to reunite with family was the biggest reason for the change. is cited u.s. economic conditions and tougher border enforcement. leon: 10 years in prison was the sentence for former man -- president convicted having sex with a student. entree brown was sentenced today. in september he was found guilty of sex abuse of a minor. using he's of having sex with a 17-year-old girl in a school locker room during the homecoming game in 2013. he will have to register as a sex offender for life when he is released. maureen: activists are urging the maryland legislature to help save laurel regional hospital. the new owners want to transform it into an outpatient facility. some residents in health care professionals say there will be a hardship for locals who need a full-service hospital. >> there is more growth in that area than in any other area of
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the state and your closing on and they are-- closing down the hospital? maureen: they say it's not financially feasible. leon: coming up next at 6:00 -- reporter: a cyclist on a bethesda road. the number of people upset. i will have that story coming up. maureen: a big change underway in the weather. what it means for your weekend. harper throwbryce m.v.p. on the resume? a quick turnaround for the hoyas after a disappointing night. that it mh more when abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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maureen: on the eastern shore of maryland and unusual fundraiser is underway for a washington college student. the students disappearance pronto than the close in selected thanks giving. washington college closed monday left officials say a man
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campus to get a gun and has not been seen since. a gofundme page is now set up to help him once he is found. among the donations, $250 from the school's president. leon: the first baltimore police officer to stand trial in the death of ready great will testify on his own behalf. his trial is scheduled to begin a member 30. you start with manslaughter, assault, and misconduct in office. injury inter a spinal police custody. it sparked riots in april. maureen: eight d.c. council committee is clearing the way to give officers body cameras. the judiciary has approved regulation of these of cameras and that includes guidelines for when videos can be released to the public. the full council should approve the measure and a vote next month. learning about a
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secret service officer accused of soliciting sex from an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl. lee say the robert more -- had conversations with actual underage girls and had an arsenal at his home. he is on administrative leave. maureen: calls from change from area cyclists after a crash that killed a former navy seal. the driver in the crash escaped with only a fine. kevin lewis tells us that crash is shining a light on a serious problem. reporter: retired navy seal tim holden was run over and killed in august while biking down this bethesda road. >> we call them crashes. reporter: the washington area bicyclist association is disappointed to learn prosecutors did not charge the 20 year -- 22-year-old male driver with a crime. >> when someone kills someone
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there should be consequences. >> this is a decision not made lightly. reporter: a two-month investigation found the driver was not drunk, high, speeding or texting. the rather fell asleep. >> here to bring in a case. legally we are bound to come out with this decision the way we did. >> there is definitely a lot of fear and frustration and fear and sadness. reporter: they say in 2012 the washington region had 270 traffic fatalities. 72 involving bicyclists or pedestrian. that is 27%. many resulted in no criminal charges being filed. >> the goal would be to protect all the lives who are out there. is --uy has proven he cannot operate a vehicle safely in we would like to see them off the road. reporter: police issued three tickets to the man that hit tim holden. one was for negligent driving. -- man admitted
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his guilt in court and paid $690 in fines. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. leon: is one of the most recognized inventions from "back to the future>" howeverboa --- hoverboards. new york city just band them -- banned them. pulled out from under you with of howard u don't expect. tonight at 11:00 we look at it -- its maureen: i bet they are not great in wet weather. [laughter] doug: it has ended and moved out of the area. skies are clear this afternoon.
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some beautiful images. i want to share a couple. sent it to bridge set this from king george county. absolutely gorgeous. we have one what is share with you tonight and this is from jacqueline and stephens city, virginia. beautiful sunset. pleases as our background for my page. not much difference in temperatures. both values well above average. temperatures will certify all a bit now at sunset. are shifting to the northwest and i will bring in cooler air. 63 in hagerstown. latest tonight was the gusty winds and cooler temperatures dropped from the 60's into the 30's and 40's by early tomorrow morning. i'll wake up forecast calls for temperatures early tomorrow morning at 42 in fairfax,
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germantown, gaithersburg and 42. 46 degrees expected across northwest washington as well. the clouds took their time. they got out of here. we will talk about the story -- possibility of heavy rain before rush-hour. it never made it this far north because it peeled off during the day. we had three quarters of an inch in lot -- and a lot of areas. will keep it winds high and dry and in the 50's tomorrow. by tomorrow night a snowstorm, the first of the season could come across portions of the upper midwest and extending through chicagoland and sides of michigan. the cold front will come through saturday night here in give is a chance to see chillier and gus your winds. most of the country in good shape except for the areas highlighted with snow and rain. south florida might have some
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thunderstorms with the rest of the nation looks good. favorable travel conditions. let's look at the next seven days. sunshine and breezy and 55 tomorrow. on saturday, partly cloudy and cool and 52. breezy and much chillier on sunday. tuesday through thursday, the big travel day, both look sunny and pleasant with highs in the mid 50's. leon: the season has just barely started. robert: you play maryland and you turn on a play wisconsin. the hoyas are back on the road with a nasty taste in their mouths. m.v.p. sounds better. bryce harper could be named m.v.p. in minutes.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk bought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: we will start with breaking news. bryce harper is the 2015 national m.v.p.. he had outstanding numbers this year, including 42 home runs. that is tied for first in the national league. second and batting average and scored 99. -- and drove in 99. congratulations. a quick turnaround for the hoyas
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. they are taking on wisconsin. they have to be out by 5:00 tomorrow because they are still thinking about the loss to the -- you need to get a short memory because this earlier -- other big ten team. to long days -- >> it's felt like two months but is only a couple of days. i think our team is interested get on the court -- is anxious to get back on the court. you have to learn from the past. robert: down of the charleston classic. first went under the new head coach. george mason, the dagger from otis livingston the second. george mason upsets oldness -- ole miss. they will host the dallas stars. the capitals trying to get a
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rhythm going. they lost two out of the last four. still trying to break the record for most career goals by russian-born player. a small programming note. gw will take on south florida on our news -- sister station news channel 8. big congrats to bryce harper. leon: one thing about the nats that did live up to expectations. doug: skies are clearing out tonight. at 11:00 steeple have an update and the hollywood travel update. glad the rain is out of here. maureen: next on "world news tonight
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tonight, breaking news, now three separate threats to america from isis. washington, d.c., the white house, even new york's times square pictures in the background. and tonight here, the rare move late today. the fbi, the attorney general, the nypd all responding. and the three people with suspected terrorists ties who flew into the u.s. where did they land and are u.s. authorities tracking them? also tonight, our interview. inside the moment of terror. the gunman opening fire on a cafe, people diving for cover. some running to the basement, others frozen on the floor. tonight, you will hear what it's like to have to decide what to do in that moment. tonight, authorities say the ringleader of the paris attacks was, in fact, killed by s.w.a.t. teams. and now, the woman who blew herself up. we know who she was and what she said right before she detonated the vest.


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